TerminalUnix is no more.

It started as an experiment to give free shell accounts to my friends, and soon the world. It was my first big project in PHP and first time managing a server with more than a handful of users.

But, of course, people on the internet are dicks. So that didn't last long.

A Brief History

It started out around 2001 or so as a FreeBSD server in my parents' basement, cobbled together using parts from old PCs. It was a screaming 400 MHz Celeron and had about 64 MB of RAM. At the time, I had dreams of making computer games with a friend at the time and using the server as a collaboration platform, but it was more of an excuse to learn command-line *nix (I was dual booting Windows and Mandrake on my desktop).

Time went on, slight upgrades were had, and I eventually went to college. Around Spring Break of freshman year (2006), I got the itch to make a public shell server. I wrote a website in PHP with automatic user provisioning on signups, had an acceptable use policy, and was ready to rock. Eventually due to some abuse (namely IRC bots), I resorted to the SomethingAwful method of "pay me five bucks so I know you're not an asshole." That didn't really stop the abusers, so I shut it down for public access around 2007.

The TerminalUnix website went away shortly after, but I still kept the server around to host my website and for shell accounts for my friends. It eventually moved with me to college in a neat rackmount VA Linux server, and a Compaq Proliant DL360 after that (thanks to Richard Allen). It was FreeBSD up until right before the Proliant, IIRC.

In late 2009, I eventually realized that running a server costs more than $20/month, so I moved it to a Linode VPS and didn't look back. The old Proliant DL360 is still sitting in a closet in my apartment.

It was fun and I learned a lot about the ways of the command line over the years. It's helped me get jobs, so it was totally worth it.